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Expert Weed Control

Weeds are not only unsightly, but they compete with your grass for space, light, water, and nutrients. Weeds are extremely aggressive, and when not properly dealt with, they can wreak havoc on an otherwise perfectly healthy lawn. Weed control, in conjunction with regular mowing, proper watering practices, and established fertilization schedules, ensures your lawn will prosper and weeds will disappear.

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Professional Weed Control For Your Alabama Lawn

Timing is everything with weed control. The Grass Life team works six to eight weeks ahead in order to prevent the next wave of weeds. Things you do in late summer and fall are designed and meant to control weeds in winter and early spring. Products applied in late winter and early spring are meant to control weeds in spring and summer.

While it is our goal to give 100% weed control 100% of the time, there are variables outside our control, such as rainfall, that can cause small breakthroughs from time to time. We address these breakthroughs at no extra charge with each visit. With over 60 years of combined lawn care experience, we know what, how, and when to apply products to give you the maximum weed control possible.

If weeds are getting the best of your lawn, it starts with a professional strategy that takes various factors into consideration. At Grass Life, we are committed to providing our customers with exceptional lawn care and superior customer service. For a lawn that you can be proud of, we offer the knowledge and experience you need.

Proudly serving the Shoals area and the surrounding communities, contact our team today to learn more about our weed control services. You’ll be greeted by a friendly customer service representative who will gladly speak with you about your lawn’s specific needs.

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